Take a dive into your deepest desires!

Take a dive into your deepest desires!

16Aug 2020


Saturday 15 August 2020

Let yourself be inspired by our new proposals

An encounter with flavors and cultures, let's try Tomato sauce; Croatia is a fantastic place that leads dreams to travel inside you; You are missing the Miami Beach sunset, come with us! Last but not least, Drako’s all-electric supercar traces the lines of the future! Discover the details below!


This is "Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce" made by De Luca Spicial Sauces.

This is our Elan Impression 50. Excellent performance levels come together in space and design. A perfect balance between speed and comfort, to give exciting and fun sailing without giving up the most comfortable aspects of a sailing cruise.

Luxury Living with ocean views from all the rooms! Resort living with beach service, pools, and 6.503 m² of spa and gym facilities. Bar and restaurant on property, valet service, and security.

Drako GTE 2020
Last year, Drako Motors surprised motor fans in Pebble Beach with its latest model, the Drako GTE. It might be Drako Motors’ first-ever car.

2020 Drako GTE – The 1,200-HP Electric Sedan!

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