Sweet time for your life!

Sweet time for your life!

11May 2021


Saturday 8 May 2021

 What new today for this weekend:

As the first course of fish, here is our Risotto with Scampi and Mussels. The preparation of this recipe is not so quick, but it's worth it.

Sail the best islands of the Caribbean with our Catamaran Lagoon 380!

Give yourself a chance.

Look at this villa ideal for investment in Santorini. It’s about an amazing private paradise of internal and external beauty, in the highest spot of Oia.

Lastly, in the Supercar Section,  Ferrari 812 Superfast: the most powerful and performing road Ferrari ever!

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The secret for the optimal realization of this recipe is to prepare a tasty fish broth to cook Risotto. Watch the video tutorials of  De Luca Family Food.

Flawless beaches with white sand, where enjoy swimming and snorkelling among coral reefs or visit pretty fishing villages, hot springs, lush rainforests, and rugged peaks. Get in touch with our team.

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This villa stands for everything you may anticipate experiencing in Greece and the island of Santorini. Moments of relaxation with your family, exceptional cosmopolitan living, romantic walks for couples!

More Details!

Ferrari 812 Superfast
The aerodynamic design of the 812 Superfast is part of a trend of continuous improvement in the performance of Ferrari models, aimed both at speed performance and enhancing the driving sensations.

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