New surprise for you

New surprise for you

16Aug 2021


Saturday 14 August 2021

News for this weekend:

First course of fish: Spaghetti with Cuttlefish Ink are a captivating-looking dish with a sublime taste

Turkey: Visit it with our Sun Loft 47. This peninsula is surrounded by eight countries and on three sides by the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas

Marbella: our extraordinary modern residence is set in a prime location, at the foot of a magnificent mountain in the midst of amazing subtropical gardens with elegant ambience lighting.

Lamborghini: made in just 800 units, the SVJ Roadster is the most iconic of the Aventador family. The naturally aspirated V12 engine with its 770 horsepower is mind-boggling.

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Italy is known for its love of fresh seafood. This recipe is a particular favourite for many of you and has a wonderfully subtle flavour. Take a look at our video!

A fantastic way to sail Turkey costs. The Sun Loft 47 is a new, versatile monocat with 12 comfortable beds in 6 cabins and with plenty of space. Ideal for you and your best friends!

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Fashionable boutiques, fine restaurants, trendy discotheques, bars, beach and nightclubs of ultra-prestigious Golden Mile: 5 min away.

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Lamborghini Aaventador SVJ Roadster
The technological aspect of carbon fiber coexists with an aeronautical-inspired design, in which the leather and Alcantara of the upholstery give the luxurious interiors a gritty touch of exclusivity

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