Meet up at the sea!

Meet up at the sea!

16Aug 2021


Saturday 7 August 2021

News for this weekend:

Delicate and inexpensive, chicken breast is one of the most used cuts of meat in cooking. We have prepared it with a special sauce. Find out more below!

Sail the South of France and the coast’s most glamorous ports with our Dufour 460 G.

This high standard villa for sale in Chania, Crete, has panoramic views across the town of Chania and the blue sea.

Sometimes the most beautiful journey is the one without a destination. The best way to deal with it? Onboard a 718.

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Chef Alessio made the sauce for the chicken breast using Red Leaves Beet. An easy second dish that will leave you speechless.

Dufour 460 GL is the "classic" modern cruising hull, a compromise between performance and comfort of navigation. Modern design, low and streamlined deckhouse and much more.

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The building is separated into three housing units: the main villa, the apartment, the studio. Click below for more details!

More Details!

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS
Onboard, an authentic sports car reduced to the essentials, which allows you to switch your mind off the moment you shift up.

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