Express your value!

Express your value!

23Feb 2021


Saturday 20 February 2021

What new today for this weekend

For fish lovers, this is our version of STOIC OCTOPUS  with red and yellow peppers.  Watch the video tutorial of De Luca Family Food.

All you like about the CABIN CHARTER with "Phuket Dream Premium 8 days / 7 nights"! No sailing experience is required, only a love of travel and exploration is required!

In our Residential Section, an amazing apartment in a luxurious PARAISO BAY CONDO building. Don't miss this chance to be in the heart of everything Miami has to offer! 

Lastly, in the Supercar Section, discover the MERCEDES-AMG GT: exterior shapes and driving sportiness. 

More details below! 

The second course of fish, delicious and fresh. The secret for the correct realization of the plate is to cook the octopus slowly and gently, immersing the tentacles in boiling water and boiling them for about 50 minutes. Watch the video tutorial!

Phang Nga Bay is just the beginning of the "Phuket Dream Cruise" in Thailand. This different type of charter is ideal for those who travel alone,  for women, a group of friends, for those who do not know how to drive a boat, but also more simply for those who just want to relax and live safely aboard a luxury yacht with a crew. 

What breath-taking view from this fantastic condo in Miami!  Huge sparkling layout. The units are sold without furniture, grand spaces, and ideal for being renewed.

Mercedes AMG GT - Black Series
The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series marks the return of an iconic name to the world of super sports cars. Unorthodox, untamed, ultimate. He has emerged from uncompromising engineering paired with unprecedented performance, especially on the race track.

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