Enjoy Winter!

Enjoy Winter!

02Dec 2020


Saturday 28 November 2020

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A little more than a month to go to the New Year. The time has come to prepare Cotechino with peas as a variant of lentils.

Discover Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment, one of the northernmost islands in the Caribbean with our catamaran Leopard 44 O.V.

In the Residential Section, close to the best schools, shopping and dining in the Miami area, you can find our Luxury House.

Lastly, in the Supercar Section, 2021 Acura NSX: the deeper shade of power.

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This second dish is a must in  Winter. Do you know that Cotechino is the first sausage in history? It is made with a mixture of various parts of the pig and a mixture of spices.

Discover  Puerto Rico sailing with a Dream Yacht Charter power catamaran. Faster than sail yachts, make the most of your vacation.

Old-world charm and lush outdoor space abound in this classic Mediterranean style home in Coral Gables.

The Long Beach Blue Pearl NSX has arrived, renewing a legacy of groundbreaking performance and blistering intensity.

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