Elegance is an attitude

Elegance is an attitude

12Dec 2022


Saturday 10 December 2022

 New for this weekend:

Filetto alla Contadina: a delicious main course of meat, easy to prepare.

La Paz, Mexico: explore the wonderful Sea of Cortez from our La Paz base in Baja California.

Estepona, Spain: high-quality home constructed in 2022 is for sale in the exclusive of El Paraiso.

MC20 Cielo: Maserati presents the new spyder car.

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Cooking Filetto alla Contadina  is even easier by watching the video tutorial. The "Lardo di colonnata" makes the fillet tasty.

Sailing the sea of Cortez, which has legendary status among divers and sport fishers, is the ideal choice for an authentic, unspoiled sailing vacation.

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This luxury property comes for sale in excellent condition and tastefully furnished; the harmonious spaces look incredibly balanced and relaxing.
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More Details!

Maserati MC20 Cielo
"Cielo" offers a perfect mix of sportiness and luxury, courtesy of a specification unique to the segment: the innovative retractable glass roof.

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