Easy with charm

Easy with charm

18Jan 2021


Saturday 16 January 2021

Find new exciting proposals for this weekend

Discover the secrets of yummy Octopus tentacles with potatoes and red onion, complete fish dish carefully cooked to make the octopus more tender and very tasty.

Explore the USA’s Florida coast from our base in Key West, Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina with our Motor Yacht 37.

Discover the special offer that is reserved for you!

Live in one of the most desirable locations in Florida. In the Residential Section find South of Fifth in  Miami Beach!

Look on the website for more pictures and don't forget to let us know if you like

Lastly, in the Supercar Section, Mercedes Vision EQS: the futuristic luxury car with 469 HP and 700 km of range.

More details below!

The secret for the perfect realization of this recipe is the correct cooking of the octopus. Moreover,  the onions are softened with milk and coloured with turmeric.

Imagine the impossible: a 37-foot power catamaran that delivers all the space, stability, and comforts of a 44-foot monohull. It offers the perfect gateway for sailing the southeast Florida coast down to the renowned Florida Keys.

Special Offer

Icon South Beach is a Philippe Starck masterpiece that has the most renowned and sought-after amenities in South Beach, including 2 pools, Spa and Gym, and an excellent Italian restaurant serving up to residences.

New Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS
The new Mercedes Vision EQS looks like it just came from the future! It will be the brand's first fully electric luxury car with an aesthetic appearance that is not only highly futuristic but also with roominess never seen before in a production car.

From Vision to Reality – the EQS

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