Daydream with us!

Daydream with us!

12Apr 2022


Saturday 9 April 2022

News for this weekend:

BBQ guinea fowl and pork loin with potatoes:  the perfect idea for the weekend lunch with your family.

Corsica: set sail on this island, one of France's glittering jewels.

Algarve, Portugal: this villa is strategically located in a trendy residential area in Vilamoura.

BEV Sport concept: Lexus has released a gallery of new pictures and animations of this new future supercar.

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Guinea fowl and pork loin are two types of meat that are easy to cook on the BBQ and very tasty; perfect with roasted potatoes.

Sun Loft 47 is the perfect sailboat for a cruise in Corsica. She offers unique living spaces designed to be shared with friends.

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This exclusive villa offers everything that is most modern in technology and comfort, allowing you to live in a trendy residential area.
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Lexus BEV Sport Concept
This all-electric coupe concept symbolizes Lexus' future as a luxury brand, reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA.

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