Create your Value

Create your Value

24Nov 2020


Saturday 21 November 2020

 Find our interesting proposals:

Soft and tasty, Pumpkin Gnocchi are an autumn first dish. Look below at the Tutorial Video!

If you are looking for real blue water cruising yacht, our Orana 44  of Dream Yacht Charter is the best choice. Cuba is waiting for you.

In the Residential Section, we present you an exciting and completely remodelled house in Coral Gables.

Lastly, in the Supercar Section, discover the relaunch of the Jaguar F-Type 300PS: really beautiful and very elegant.

More details below!

An easy recipe, which is prepared with few ingredients and includes a dough without potatoes.

Today we propose our Orana 44. She is probably the best equipped and cared for Orana on the market with much valuable and useful equipment.

Two blocks from the Biltmore and some of the best tennis in Miami and minutes from the shops at Miracle Mile. This is the location of our  Luxury House in Coral Gables.

Jaguar F-Type 300PS
The Jaguar F-Type is one the best-looking car that you may drive, maybe the best-looking car made in Britain for a long time. 

Jaguar | Introducing the F-TYPE

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