Celebrating Luxury news with us!

Celebrating Luxury news with us!

01Mar 2023


Saturday 25 February 2023

 New for this weekend:

Pasta with fresh tuna: a mix of ingredients for a superlative seafood dish!

Corfù, Greece: explore a land of sumptuous olive groves and the beautiful islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas.

Naxos, Greece: a great villa that provides the best conditions for unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Lotus Evija: one of the most powerful cars currently in production.

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A richly flavoured pasta where fresh tuna is enhanced by mint leaves. A special sauce with a unique taste.

Start your holiday in Corfù, the most famous of the Ionian Islands with its stunning beaches, mountains and intriguing sailing grounds.

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 High-quality construction, with decoration and details in tune with the environment. The view of the Aegean gives tranquillity to the whole area. 
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Lotus Evija
The first electric car by Lotus was presented in 2019 at the Guangzhou Auto Show. 130 units have been made available since 2021.

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