Boundless possibilities for you!

Boundless possibilities for you!

18Jan 2023


Saturday 14 January 2023

 New for this weekend:

Stuffed oven-baked guinea fowl: a second course that is always placed in high cuisine.

Seychelles: enjoy sailing vacations with ten friends on our Lucia 40.

Algarve, Albufeira: a penthouse with lots of natural light and a full sea view.

Tesla Model S Plaid: after a long wait, the electric supercar finally arrives in Europe too.

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Perfect for a weekend lunch, baked guinea fowl is prepared relatively easily and is exquisite in every form of it.

Seychelles is a fantastic place to sail. For you, we offer the Lucia 40. It has remarkable living space and superb levels of performance.

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Spacious and full of light, this amazing penthouse offers a perfect location for spending your holiday in serenity.
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More Details!

Tesla Model S Plaid 2022
This car offers the fastest acceleration of any Tesla vehicle. The improvements enable lightning-fast consecutive shots without any performance degradation.

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