All you want is Greece!

All you want is Greece!

30Aug 2021


Saturday 28 August 2021

News for this weekend:

Linguine with zucchini and porcini: you will be amazed by the delicacy of this first course that is very simple to make and just as fast.

Skiathos, Greece: we offer you the best Skiathos sailing experience 

Naxos, Greece: villa within walking distance to the beach and con magnificent sea views overlooks out to Chora Naxos.

Bugatti Bolide:  fastest hypercar in the world, designed exclusively for the track.

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A richly flavoured Pasta where the flavour of zucchini blends with that of porcini mushrooms, creating a unique sensation of pleasure for the palate.

We can deliver an unforgettable holiday packed with fantastic sailing, from our base in Skiathos. Our charter with Oceanis 343 has everything to offer you a simply exceptional comfortable and pleasurable sailing experience.

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This villa is designed with extreme passion and presents a luxury experience in design and interior construction. A perfect place with the luxury of simplicity. The location is strategic for a view and is near the sea.

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Bugatti Bolide 2021
Only 40 specimens will be produced, not approved for use on public roads, sold at a price of 4 million euros. Production is expected to begin by early 2022, with the first deliveries to customers announced for 2024.

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